I am Iliescu AnneMarie Colette (Anne) and I am a visionary of beautiful, creative, innovative, bless life. I love to bring ideas to life, every day. 
I am passionate about tourism, spa life, beauty of nature, music, art, marketing (online most), books, personal development, leadership, entrepreneurship, sports, entertainment. I want to increase the tourism of Romania, through out the promotion of SPA. The blog is dedicated especialy to foreign travellers and romanian travellers. The SPAS I promote on my blog, give you the reason to take a day of spa and specially I bring out to light their discounts, bonuses, giveaways and many other surprises. Because Romania has the shape of a fish on the map and because it has a wealth of water, spa services are very welcome, then the tourist is looking for tourist spots to visit in my country.
I would like to know from you what kind of SPA do you like and for what specific services would you go for a day of spa. What is your opinion about taking care of you using the SPA services and what are the benefits are you looking for it? What do you think about this idea of taking care of you through out the SPAS and tourism of a country, in this case Romania? I would love to know your opinion and if you have a suggestion or idea about the questions I wrote above in comments section bellow.
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13 thoughts on “ABOUT ME”

  1. Hello AnneMarie, I am certain that Romania would be worth visiting. I have, however, decided for myself not to go to any country just for a short visit due to all the environmental problems we have. For this reason I would look for a place where I could stay for a longer period, enjoy the spa available and from time to time make an excursion in order to discover your yountry. All the best for your endeavour. Martina

  2. Hello Anne. I was very impressed with your blog. I’m dying of curiosity to know how you found mine, which is much more literary, and I appreciate your likes. Hopefully we can exchange texts about your country (which I greatly admire) and mine. Greetings from Villahermosa.

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