Relax and pamper you at Tușnad!

I present  to you Tușnad Baths are located in the southern part of the Ciuc depression, at an altitude of 650 m, between Harghita Mountains and Bodoc, in a splendid Olt gorge. The position in the territory gives it a very picturesque frame, with a strong ozonated air, rich in resinous aerosols and negative ions, which make the resort a tonic mountain bioclimate, favorable for psychological reconciliation.

About the mineral waters in the Tușnad area, there is evidence from the 18th century, mentioning the existence of mineral springs with curative effects used by the local villagers nearby.

Also here we meet the skunk (carbon dioxide), which represents the natural emanations of carbon dioxide dry gas. The skunks are related to the volcanism of the Eastern Carpathians area and are used in the spa treatment. The natural skunk used in our country for therapeutic purposes is a unique phenomenon in the world.

The Stanescu, Apor and Mikes springs (with carbonated mineral waters, chloride-sodium, bicarbonate), skunks and the subalpine climate are the natural healing factors of the Tușnad resort.

What to visit in Tușnad?

I recommend you to visit Club Aventura Băile Tușnad with great dear, it is one of the top entertainment places in Romania. It is right on the edge of Lake Ciucaș and offers you an unforgettable experience in a natural atmosphere for the whole family.

The next tourist attraction is the Rocks of the Falcons, which is a panorama point, which offers a spectacular panorama to Tusnad Baths resort with Ciucaș Lake, the Olt Gorge and Ciomatu Mountain. In this place is a wooden cross, which is a reminder for those too indifferent, and nearby ruins can be seen from the Rock of the Soybeans fortress.

Named the “Pearl of Transylvania”, Tușnad is one of the most beautiful spa resorts in our country.

 In Tușnad you also have to try the culinary specialties: cumin soup, a little sweet and strong flavored cream soup, paprika, gulaș or white cabbage soup with sour cream. Delicious are stuffed mushrooms or mussels. Spirits of casseroled dough, pasta made of sugar, peanuts, nuts, coconut or chocolate cream, known as kurtocscolacs, are simply a compulsory dessert.

Where to live when you arrive in Tusnad?
I invite you to live at the Hotel O3Zone **** Tusnad, being the direction to the Soil Rock.
At Spa & Wellness you can enjoy the following services:

  • Rituals
    Includes: exfoliation, wrapping and relaxing massage


1. Chocolate Silk Ritual 220 RON Relaxing ritual with chocolate

2. Antioxidant Fruit Ritual A cocktail with antioxidants and vitamins essential for bright skin.

3. Milk and Honey Royal Ritual Royal ritual, milk and honey bath followed by a relaxing massage.

4. Tuscan Wine Ritual A rejuvenating and antioxidant spa experience with wine and grapes.

– Body therapies

– Couple therapies

– Health therapies

– Therapies with Gerovital

– Massage

For more details on SPA prices and services you can find here.

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Tușnad Baths
The rock of the Soybeans
O3Zone Hotel****

Travel to these destinations and pamper you at SPA!

I present the Saint Ana lake, which is a volcanic lake, being the only such lake on the entire territory of Romania.
The lake is set on the bottom of the crater of a quenched volcano called Ciomatu, from the Puciosu volcanic massif, the site of the latest volcanic eruption in the Carpathians and Eastern Europe, which took place several tens of thousands of years ago.
Lake St. Ana is a complex natural, geological, floristry and fauna reservation, being linked to the Tușnad Baths by tourist trails.
Near the lake there is a Roman Catholic chapel dedicated to St. Ana.
Tourists coming to St. Ana’s Lake do not need meteorologists’ forecasts to find out what the weather will be like, with an empirical but accurate method offered by the volcanic mountain: the two cracks formed in the mountains that predate the weather.
The locals know that “If the emanations from the cracks hit the nose, then it is a sign of the storm, and if not, the day will be sunny, just right for hiking.”

I invite you to visit this lake and enjoy a boat ride on the lake, and for more details you can find it here.
I sincerely recommend you to visit Sighișoara Lake to reach Sighișoara, where you will see the beauties of this historic city and you will be spoiled at the spa at the hotel where I invite you to stay for your stay.

What to visit in Sighișoara?
I recommend you to go to every tower of Sighișoara, each one has its history and its value. Sighișoara has 9 towers. Due to its remarkable architecture, dominant position and geographical ambiance, the city has been surnamed since the late 19th century “Pearl of Transylvania”.
The Covered Staircase has 176 steps and is at the end of the School Street (the most important one in Sighișoara). The stairs were built after 1642 by 6 (for 6 working days of the week, the 7th being for rest). You can climb to reach the Church of the Hill and Joseph Haltrich High School.

Breite Nature Reserve, unique place in Europe, with the largest collection of multi-secular oaks in the area. More than 650 multi seed trees are here and more than one hundred vertebrate species, mostly protected by law. The Reserve, the best-preserved habitat of meadows and oaks, multi-seas, in central and eastern Europe, is 4 km from Sighișoara to Medias (a forest road that goes up to the plateau – 2 km)
The Stag House, one of the oldest buildings in the city, with a special architecture. The exterior wall painting depicts a deer in natural size. Currently, it brings together a restaurant and a hotel.

The Medieval Festival in Sighișoara is organized periodically in July
Sighișoara Blues Festival, blues festival organized annually in February
Sighișoara Film Festival, a film festival organized in June
The Fanfare Festival, held in September
Interethnic Festival Sighișoara, organized during the Medieval Festival
Academic Music Festival, held annually in July or August

Where to live when you arrive in Sighisoara?
I recommend you to stay at the Double Tree by Hilton Sighișoara Cavaler ****, which includes spa pampering, including the swimming pool, as well as the Don Quixote’s restaurant with delicacies and beverages.
What services does this hotel have?

74 modern accommodation, including apartments and attic rooms
Don Quixote Restaurant
lounge in the lobby and daily room service
Spa, indoor pool and on-site fitness center
Flexible event space
Large terrace and business center

The offers and other details of these spoofing services can be found here.

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Take Care of You!

Saint Ana Lake
Breite nature reserve
Stag House
Medieval Festival Sighișoara

Keep it relax and go to spa at Târgu Mureș!

Mureş is one of the most important waters on the territory of the territory of the Romanian people. Along it many large cities have grown and prosper each day. All species, from plants, to animals and to humans, enjoy the benefits of water. The most lush and rich areas are still found today on the banks of the great waters. People enjoy the most benefits of flowing water.
What to visit when you arrive in Mures Fair?

The city of Târgu Mureș holds one of the most interesting medieval citadels in Transylvania. The thick walls stretch over an area of ​​over 4 hectares, regrouping no less than 7 bastions raised by the work of guild guilds. Inside, tourists have the chance to see the Reformed-Calvina Church and the Manutante’s Building. The walls made of brick and brick have listened to many stories over the years. If you arrive in Mureș on “Târgu Mures Days”, “Beer Festival” or “Wine and Wine Festival” you will discover in the city a holiday atmosphere.
Cornești Plateau is perfect for enjoying the entire panorama of the entire city of Mureș. Sitting at the highest elevation of the city, the Plateau opens a wide view of the city and valley of Mureș. The main attraction here is the Zoo.

The small village of Saschiz, located at the foothills of Mureș County, abounds in the history, culture and tradition of Mures; the medieval air still feeling in Saschiz. From the very beginning, however, the village has developed rather quickly, say historians, Saschiz being known as a city with many guilds – boots, potters, painters, carpenters – famous for its ceramics, usually enameled in green. You should not miss the famous Saschiz jam, made from ingredients less common to the famous novel: rhubarb or milk, from which you get the famous “dulce de leche”. For hundreds of years, “săsoaicele” the women do not only the sweetness of rhubarb, but also the compote or even the soup. Extremely good and fragrant are raspberries, strawberries and strawberry – the English, Germans, Italians and Americans are mad after them.

Declared protected area Natural Park Mureș Superior is recommended to explore it at the foot. Through this place the mountains leave the place of the gorge, and then meet the waters that cross this incredible natural place. The Deda – Toplița Gorge was included in this park, too, is worth photographed. Two religious attractions you will encounter on the road through the gorge: the church of the Rastolita village (18th century) and the Galaoaia trot, similar to the Sapanta Cemetery.

I recommend you to visit the Palace of Culture, the Franciscan Tower, the Rakoczi Scale, the “Status Quo Ante”, Synagogue, Tower with Clock, these being tourist attractions that should not be missed when you reach the Mureș Fair.
Where do I recommend to stay?
In the Mureș Fair opened in the premises of the BUSINESS complex, located at the exit of the city, an oasis of relaxation, rest, and also a place for spending free time together with family or friends. Business Hotel is the best choice for your vacation, having its connection with Aqua Day Spa. More details about Business Hotel can be found here.

Aqua Day Spa is divided into 3 spoils, including Spa Center, Massage Center, Fitness Center. It will provide the following services to help you feel relaxed, rejuvenated and with positive energy for the whole family and friends: swimming pool, beach, jacuzzi, body care, tepidarium, sauna aroma, Finnish sauna, Turkish bath, bathroom steam, massage, chrome / melotherapy, ice fountain. The offers and other details of these spoofing services can be found here.

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Take care of you!

Medieval fortress of Targu Mureș
Saschiz village
Natural Park Mureș Superior

Become your best version of you at this spa destination!

The only lake of origin in the Sovata resort is the Black Lake Sovata, located in the southern part of the Salt Mountain, one of the tourist attractions of the Mures resort. Black Lake Sovata was formed in a salt mine abandoned, dating from the Roman occupation. The lake is located inside Sovata resort, on Bradului Street, located on the hill that dominates the main artery of the village, after the top camping and after the so-called gas house.

The Black Lake Sovata also shows the effect of heliotherm, so in summer, the temperature of the water varies depending on the accumulation of solar heat in salt water, the hot water being protected by a layer of fresh water from the rainwater, which does not mix with salt water, but it remains on the surface, acting as a thermal insulator.

Located at the foot of the Gurghiului Mountains, on the valley of the Little Tank, with a spa and therapeutic potential recognized both in the country and abroad, the Sovata resort is one of the main elements that recommends Mureș County as a tourist destination.

What to visit in Sovata?

I recommend you the Adventure Park Plus Sovata Adventure Park is situated near Lake Tineretului (Lake Tivoli).  The park is waiting for you with 2 children’s paths and 2 adult tracks. The second adult route ends with a 400m trolley over the lake.

Praid Saline is recommend it to everyone, and it’s no secret that staying in the saline microclimate is beneficial in certain health problems. For healthy people, the underground environment helps relax, rejuvenate the skin and revitalize. Its program is here.

Maria source is at the entrance to Sovata Resort, opposite the day market. It was built in 1910 to solve the problems of contemporary drinking water. The famous actress Jászai Mari contributed to the gathering of the financial funds needed to build the spring. The construction was carried out by the stone carver Reimann János, based on the engineer Radó Sándor’s project in Târgu Mureş. It is worthwhile to taste the fresh water of this spring and to admire the playful squirrels that cross the park in front of the spring.

Where I recommend staying when you arrive in Sovata?

I kindly recommend to you Fabesca Boutique Hotel Sovata**** and your family and friends. This hotel cultivates a deeply individual journey of philosophy.

Where do I recommend going to spa and balneal treatment?
The Alunis Hotel Treatment Center is waiting for you to spoil yourself and treat your health through various spa treatments, saltwater hydrotherapy, treatment procedures. Here you can especially treat rheumatism and gynecology.
The Alunis Hotel Treatment Center offers you the special offer
“Weekend” 2019 – summer season which includes: 2 nights accommodation in the weekend,

  • complete mansion ,
  • relaxing at the Aluniș *** Swim and Saltwater pools, saunas and fitness,

Rate 498 lei / person / 2 nights.
Supplement single: 202 lei / person / package.
More details about the Aluniș Hotel Treatment Center and prices found here.

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Take care of you at Sovata and enjoy the SPA!

The Sovata town is renowned for Lake Bear with balneoclimatear properties since the Middle Ages. Lake Bear is named after its shape that appeared in 1875, the water is salty and it is surrounded by a natural reserve of which only the lake on 4 hectares. Lake Bear appeared due to the collapse of a large area of ​​salt exploitation, forming a void that was filled with the water of nearby springs.
Shortly after the formation of Lake Bear, the most important lake of the five salt water lakes existing in the current Sovata resort – Aluniș, Red and Green, Black Lake and Lake Blackbird – people realized that the lake is special to the other, not so much in size, but especially in the water temperature.

I would like to present you the most important benefits of Lake Bear, some, on our health that; with what helps us salty water and its sludge I say to you below:

  • Regenerative and anti-inflammatory effect in the locomotor system, so pains are diminished, increases muscle flexibility and joint mobility.
  • It is recognized for the treatment of gynecological diseases.
  • Also treats affections like psoriasis.
  • Salt water is also used as aerosols for the prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases
  • The sapropelic sludge extracted from Lake Bear has high quality properties
  • Mud treatment ensures rejuvenation and regeneration
  • Sludge increases articular mobility
  • Mud heat helps relax tension and muscle contractions.

What to visit in Sovata?
I recommend you the market with traditional objectives, where you will find the most special souvenirs you can buy to give to your loved ones or even for you and your family. Sovata is a wonderful place of fairy tale. From traditional watermelons to traditional, wooden objects, souvenirs, pottery and handmade ornaments, the traditional Sovata market enjoys the eye and the heart. Little, chic, full of life and charm, of rare riches, this magical place will delight you and conquer you with its beauty.
I highly recommend you to ride the train through the resort, the little ones may be most happy with such an adventure. The conductors are cheerful and friendly, and for the joy of the little ones, they often train in funny moments (music, horns and greetings to all street people).
If you want a longer route than the resort train, we recommend you try Mocănița too. Recently rehabilitated, the Mocănița with steam resumed the Sovata – Câmpu Cetății route. The nearly two-hour steam train journey offers the tourist a return in the past and a magical adventure, as if it were a fairy tale.
Also, it would be a great sight to visit the Salt Mountain. In the summer, the sun’s rays make the mountain shine like a huge crystal worth admiring. Its greatness and the benefits it brings to our health in various treatments tell you that it is a richness of nature that is worthwhile taking advantage of it when we talk about health.

Where do I recommend staying when you arrive in Sovata?
Sincerely, I think Danubius Heath Spa Resort Sovata **** is great for you, your family and friends. Here you have everything you need to feel relaxed, spoiled, and of course for the treatment of some body affections. In order to better understand what a spoil this is, let me introduce you to the spa and wellness treatments and spa offers of this Resort.
Wellness Treatments of this Spa Resort are:
Wellness baths, of which you can choose the following:
Revitalizing Aroma Bath, Cleopatra Bath, Dead Sea Salt Bath, Stress Relief Hévíz Mud Bath, Bitter and Sweet Beer Bath, Vanilla Cream Bath, Blue Frank Bath, Relaxing Aroma Bath, Wine Bubble Bath, Alkaline Bath, Aroma Bath for Couples, Red Wine Bath With Anti – Cellulite Effect, Aroma Bath with Lavender, Thermal Bath with Salt

Wellness massages, of which you can choose the following:
Thai Massage, Relaxation Massage, Rejuvenating Aromatic Massage, Relaxing Aromatic Massage, Traditional Dry Brush Massage, Anti-Cellulite Massage, Dead Sea Salt Massage, etc.

Further relaxation treatments, of which you can choose the following:
Wellness Mud Pack, Aphrodite Pack, Green Clay Pack, Body Scrub with Salt and Fruit Brandy and Alkaline Bath, Mud Pack from the Dead Sea, Vitasalin, etc.

Wellness & SPA Offer for you, your family and friends I present you the following: Wellness Relax in Healing Nature refers to time to relax in our spa: swimming pools, salt-water pool, kid’s pool, saunas, steam bath, adventure bath, Kneipp bath, relaxation room, 24 hour fitness room, free Spa access before check in upon actual availability.
Medical SPA treatments of this Spa Resort are:

  • Thermal mineral water
  • Mineral water and natural gas
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Inhalation
  • Packs

More details and prices to Spa and Wellness treatments you find here. If this information was valuable and helpful, let me know in the comments section below if you were there or if you would go there and I appreciate from you to know your travel experience to Sovata. Also, is always friendly and nice to share the news or information you discovered everyday.

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Travel at Sângeorgiu de Mureș and enjoy your spa day!

You Spa Destination presents to you the village Sângeorgiu de Mureș who has been for over 700 years known by mineral sludge and the best water salty in Europe that contains special curative properties for your health.
Located 3 km away from Mures, Băile Sărate de la Sângeorgiu de Mureș, has a sedative climate regardless of the region where the patients / tourists come from. The natural curative factors are: mineral sludge with mineralization 50% – 70% who hold cold and warm packs with therapeutic prophylactic role; salt water has been discovered since 1900, extracted from about 800 m deep, the water is mineralized has very high concentrations of chlorine, calcium-magnesium, iodine, used in many diseases, in the form of external balneotherapy. The water contains 135g / liter of salt, it is mineralized, it can not be drunk. These mud and salt water act for long periods, persist in the body for 4-5 months. Repetition of treatment is recommended every 6 months. Băile Sărate were discovered by the end of the 19th century by a peasant who has begun to drill methane but instead found salt water. Considered one of the best curative waters in Europe, the salty waters of Sângeorgiu de Mureș have remarkable results from which rheumatic, neurological as well as curative effects for children with weight gain and height delays or who suffer from obesity. You should visit the ski slope Dealul Pitigoiului in Sângeorgiu de Mureș and the famous Central Rose Market that has a legendary history. The food, according to local people, does not fit well without the brandy or țuică in Romanian language. Sângeorgiu de Mureș village presents the following features: it is situated in the confluence area between the sub-Carpathian hills, the Mureș meadow and the Transylvanian Plain; has over 700 years of age, has a heterogeneous population of over 8,000 inhabitants and specific social – cultural aspects. The area is the infinite treasure of folk art, customs and traditions. Traditional folk crafts must include sculpture, wool spinning, ceramics, beekeeping, pottery, writing on eggs, ironmongery and carpentry. Other impressive tourist destinations to visit include: The Natural Reservation “Stejarii Seculari de la Sângeorgiu de Mureș”; The Medieval Fortress Mureș Fair, the Palace of Culture with monumental mosaic and basso-reliefs. I really suggest to you The Apollo Wellness Club from Sângeorgiu de Mureș which has a various relaxation , maintenance and treatment services for your health of body, mind and soul. I saw on it website the offers and promotions that are very catchy for you. I let you the link here to get them, if they are attracted to you. If these information was valuable and useful for you, let me know in the comments section bellow if you was there or if you will go there and I really appreciate from you to know your travel experience to Sângeorgiu de Mureș. Also, is always friendly and nice to share the news or information you discovered everyday. Take care of you!

Băile Sărate de la Sângeorgiu de Mureș
Central Rose Market